Thursday, July 26, 2018

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  Most people (Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other religions) participating in the city's chaurasi rituals give the message of unity in diversity in diversity.
 India has been proving to be a great country, this concept has been for many years. India is a country where unity is very diverse to see because people of different religions, caste, culture and tradition live together.There is also more than 20 thousand population where Hindus - Muslims - Sikhs - Christians - and people from different castes are living. There is a specificity in the city. It is said that since about 2000, the oldest rituals in India are happening ever. Nagar Chaurasi means that all people sit together and eat. About 20 thousand people participate in rituals. Dhar of Madhya Pradesh is the city of Rajgarh.

Receive a glimpse of our message in a different style - the message of peace, and the behavior of every society and of your own. This is to remind you that we are all one.
 This rare, oldest ritual has been witnessed where people of about twenty thousand Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other religions participate. This is the first word of its kind in India that is a message in "Unity in Diversity"


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