Monday, September 24, 2018

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   Participation of Hindus, Muslims, other religions and all castes in tradition town Chaurasi in Nagar Rajgarh Nagar, District Dhar Tehsil of Madhya Pradesh, gives message of unity in diversity in diversity.

   In this diversity, unity in diversity is proving India a great country. India is a country where it is very clear that there is diversity. People of many religions, caste, culture and tradition live together.

   On this side, more than 20 thousand people, where Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs and people from different castes are living and this is the specialty of this city where people of all races take a cue together on one occasion. It is known as Nagar Chaurasi, in the common language, with the participation of the city bhoj or Sarvsharma society logo.

Nagar Chaurasi is said by the people of the people of Chaurasi castes all the people of the people.

  Almost this city has been used in the last four to eighty four years since it is still in circulation by about 15 to 20 thousand people. This city is a chaucerasi on the occasion of life of any event or temple. More than 18 cities have become chaurasi. It will not be exaggerated when it calls India's oldest tradition.

   This Rajgad town reflects the behavior of every society, the message of peace and one faith in one's own style. It is an inspiration that we all are one. For India, this city is a message of unity in the four-word word multiplicity.


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