Sunday, September 30, 2018

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 It is our specialty in India that it is a country of different cultures, castes, languages ​​and languages ​​and religion. Where the relationship of faith, religion and belief with Parampara city of Chaurasi is a sign of unity in diversity, which shows brotherly love and mutual reconciliation. The city promotes brotherhood and synergy for the future of India with its thinking in unity in diversity in the chaurasi.

 In India, people usually get to see such events as Bhandara, Falchudhudi, but they live in the middle of a class, an institution, but there is an event for every section of the city, which is a prana prestige in Rajgarh of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh or A city square is organized on any occasion. Where all the people of all faiths and castes together eat together, this is a big and small task without discrimination.

  Where there is a special look of unity in the diversity of any discrimination where people of Sanatan Dharma, Jainism, Christianity, Bohra Dharana, Islam Dharma and many religions live. In fact, on this motherland, we have cultured culture on a new height. Regardless of this, Rajgarh Nagar conveys Indian culture with happiness through message of joy, we are all one with it, it proves itself with it. The city of Rajgad produces the experience of joy in the chaurasi society.

  The city teaches the people of Chaurasi city and attracts people. As we are Indians, understanding all of us responsibilities is a good work for the present and future progress in maintaining such a unique tradition.

Akshay Bhandari Rajgarh (Dhar) Madhya Pradesh


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